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Welcome to our page! We are Redvilla and we are a Navi Mumbai-based author specialising in featuring upcoming musicians and talents. Below you can find our blogs as well as the links to my social media for more information on each individual artist. If you have any questions, or you would like to arrange an interview or appearance, we are available via email.


My name is Ishan. I am from India, I started doing music in my school days i was in class 4th when my music teacher Mr. Jitendar sing discovered me as a singer i use to sing hindi more than English songs. but, later my another music teacher misses @vanyanarulamusic. Ask me to sing English songs as well and she worked on my voice and me my 1st music teacher was is my mom she is a singer too i hope i will post some song withher too someday , so thats how i came into western music now i am taking my training in a music conservatory at Delhi and trying to explore more of myself , i did 3 music video till now name "Doorie" , "Locked away" & "naked" i am working on more these days as well as on my originals i hope i will share with you guys soon Now i am dropping a song cover of Michael Jackson song loving you on 25th of September i hope you guys will support to reach at max ❤ My tips for singers is please dont try to copy any othet artist style learn from there techniques Instead of voice We all have different voice so should work on that rather than coping someone else no no one is like you , stay humble stay positive and dont give up , i love you all ❤


GioLeo music aims to reach the hearts of everyone on the planet via multilingual rap and singing. Leo born and raised in Shanghai, China and his friend Gio half Italian half Angolan speak and sing in 6 languages! The singles are the beginning of many multilingual releases with embedded messages that aim to drive societal reflection on peace trust and love. Robin Hood soon released on the 7th of September is a reaction against the ideals of showing off wealth that all mainstream rap songs condone. Much like Robin Hood, this song is a cautionary tale to those who abuse their influence and authority.


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